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 +====== Convert OGV to HTML5 compatible MP4 ======
 +The program //​recordmydesktop//​ saves the videos in OGV format. To be able to embed this in a web page with the HTML5 video element it needs to be either in OGV or MP4. And not every browser support every format (event if specified in the [[http://​​HTML/​html5_video.asp | specs]]). So it is best to have both formats available in the web page.
 +<sxh html>
 +<video width="​1024"​ height="​656"​ controls >
 + <source src="​videos/​first-steps.mp4"​ type="​video/​mp4">​
 +  <source src="​videos/​first-steps.ogv"​ type="​video/​ogg">​
 + Your browser does not support the video tag. You can download the <a href="​videos/​first-steps.mp4">​video</​a>​ for offline viewing.
 +To get an MP4 file from the OGV file you can use mplayer/​mencoder for it.
 +  mencoder first-steps.ogv -lavcopts vcodec=libx264 ​   -o first-steps.mp4
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