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====== 5250 and Unicode ====== If you Unicode is used on the system then it must be supported, coded and configured on every level: * data (database or streamfile) * program (variables) * output file (display file or printer file) * device (5250 terminal emulator) ===== Data ===== ==== Database ==== Unicode is supported by DDS and SQL. In SQL it needs to be declared as ''GRAPHIC'' or ''VARGRAPHIC'' with a corresponding ''CCSID''. ==== Program ==== At the program level the variables need to be defined with a corresponding '''CCSID''' keyword. dcl-s buffer char(1048576) ccsid(*utf8); <note important>If the value should be moved to a graphic field in the display file then it value assignment to the display file field may result into a conversion error. A workaround for this is using a //ucs2// field in the RPG program and move that value to the display file graphic type field.</note> ==== Output File ==== === Display File === The field in the display file needs to be defined as ''G'' (graphic) with ''CCSID(13488)''. <note important>CCSID 1200 did not work in my case!</note> ==== Device ==== The 5250 terminal emulator must support unicode in the data stream. IBM i ACS supports it, see Main Menu → Communication → Configuration → Connection → Unicode Options <note>Be sure to choose a font which can display the characters. The default font IBM3270 does not seem to have all the characters included.</note> {{tag>ibm}}

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