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The ILEDocs code from this site has been merged with the code from iledocs.sourceforge.net. Please look at the Sourceforge site for any further development.

ILEDocs is a documentation tool which helps the software developers to document their programs in a convenient way. The program parses the source code and extracts the special documentation comments. Those comments are stored in a database file. From there they can be processed further into various formats, for example HTML.


/** * \brief CEE Date API : Calculate week start and end * * <p> * This example uses the ILE CEE Date API to convert the current date * into a lilian date. The weekday is calculated through the API CEEDYWK * (1 - 7, 1 = Sunday). Then the week start and end is calculated. * </p> * * The following APIs were used: * <ul> * <li>Convert Date to Lilian Format (CEEDAYS)</li> * <li>Convert Lilian Date to Character Format (CEEDATE)</li> * <li>Get Day Of Week (Numeric) (CEEDYWK)</li> * </ul> * * \author Mihael Schmidt * \date 29.08.2007 * * \link http://www.rpgnextgen.com RPG Next Gen */

The project has evolved to be more open and cross platform. It has moved to Bitbucket, see https://bitbucket.org/m1hael/iledocs.